Dr. Bodo Otto Family Tree

In 2023, the Association set as a goal to bring about a well researched Family tree for Dr. Bodo Otto. You can help us several ways. Share you tree with the Association.  See contacts page for link to send an email to Family Curator Henry Hoffman. He will tell you how to share your tree with him.

We’ve given you a head start, See Family Tree Link on this website. If you’re researching your tree here are a few hints.

Search for family trees on Ancestry and on Family Search for trees containing Dr. Otto’s name and the name of your ancestor. Bodo Otto Jr., Frederick Christopher Otto, and John Augustas Otto are his sons from his second marriage. His eldest child with his first wife and his only daughter is Maria Elizabeth Otto who married Frederick Carman. Their correct dates are on the link on this website.

Several key things to remember while building your tree.

  1. Not all the trees you find  online are accurate. Use them as guides for your own research.
  2. Not all Otto or Carman families are the correct families.
  3. There are multiple birth years recorded for Dr. Otto. The Association has proof that  1711 is the correct year of his birth.
  4. Spellings of surnames change. There are proven family members whose surname changes from Otto to Ott for his direct line Otto descendants.
  5. The are also multiple spellings for Carman. He started our as Marcus Kurrman upon arrival and soon his name began showing up as Mark Carman. Other spell the name Carmen.
  6. Following Maria Elizabeth’s line is more challenging as her descendants lost the Otto surname when she married.
  7.  First names also change as you can see in this hint about one of Bodo Otto’s Carman descendants through his daughter Maria Elizabeth. His granddaughter is called Anna Marie in some records. She married Henry Saul. This daughter was called Catharina Marie when she was baptized June 25, 1760. She is called Mary Saul in the 1806 receipt signed by her brother Frederick Carman acknowledging receipt of the legacy left to him and his sisters by their grandfather Dr. Otto.
  8. We have a printed biography of Dr. Otto and many of the official documents available. Reach our to the corresponding Secretary on the contacts page for more information about the  documents.
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