DNA and the Bodo Otto Association

For years we have been trying to identify the “Mystery Bodo Otto” who was born in Pennsylvania in 1843 and died there in 1909.  A male descendant of this Bodo Otto has recently uploaded his DNA to GEDmatch, as has a female who descends through his half-brother who was born to Bodo’s mother Mary Zimmerman Williams during her second marriage. These two testers have helped us determine this Bodo Otto is related to our ancestor.

Remember, we get 50% of our DNA from each of our parents. What makes up that 50% is so random that siblings don’t share the same exact DNA unless they are identical twins. Which means our Otto DNA can be in different places on our chromosomes and in different amounts.

As we move forward and get further away from Dr. Otto’s generation, each of us carries smaller amounts of his DNA. Now is the time we need to isolate the shared genes common to all of us.

However, to do this we need more of us to take DNA tests and share the results with the Association to get a meaningful sample. Have you already had your DNA done at one of the three testing sites? If so, if you have not already done so, will you please upload your raw data to www.GEDmatch.com. We know of a few members who have done so, and would like to gather kit numbers for all of us who have had their DNA taken so we can build a database of matches. If you have taken an Ancestry test please remember to also link your DNA to your Ancestry on-line tree so we will be able to find you. We have Paul Otto’s Y-DNA, and also have his autosomal DNA to use as a baseline for our research.

Please send your GEDmatch kit numbers to the Association using our contact form.

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