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The following people will gladly provide additional information about the Association. They are also more than willing to share information on their line of descent from Dr. Bodo Otto and their allied family surnames. Some of those listed have information about more than the line of descent noted with their name.


Pat Otto Godwin
Pat is the newsletter editor and one of the founders of the Association. She has information on all the lines.
Her line of descent is: Dr. John Augustus Otto, Dr. John Bodo Otto, Bodo Otto, Edgar Bodo Otto, Paul Koenig Otto.

James Mason Fritz
Jim is a 7th generation descendant of Dr. Bodo Otto through his daughter, Maria Elisabeth Otto. He has been actively engaged in genealogical research for more than 25 years and has an extensive amount of information on the descendants of Maria Elisabeth Otto and her husband Mark Carman. He plans to publish his findings on the Carman Family. He is a member of the New Jersey Society of the War of 1812 through his descent from Fredrick Marcus Carman, and also a member of the Sons of the Revolution.

Jim welcomes inquiries and is willing to exchange information on the descendants of Dr. Bodo Otto. His line of descent is: Maria Elisabeth, Frederick Marcus Carman, Sr., George Carman of Carmantown, Hamilton Twp., Atlantic County, NJ, Mary Carman, James Henry Mason II, Eleanor Mason.

Fred Carman
A past-president of the Association, Fred has an extensive collection of handwritten family group sheets and other information relating to all branches of Dr. Bodo Otto's family.
His line of descent is: Maria Elizabeth, Frederick Marcus Carman, Sr., Frederick Marcus Carman, Jr., John Carman, Frederick Carman, Roland Carman.

Judith Joslyn Hughes
Judith is the current Association president and the webmaster. She descends from: Maria Elizabeth, Frederick Marcus Carman, Sr., Margaret Carman, Jonathan Joslin, Elias Ackley Joslin, Harvey Langill Joslyn, Sr. and Harvey Langill Joslyn, Jr.

Mona Morgan Perry
Mona's line of descent is: Frederick Christopher Otto, Margaret Otto Morgan, Bodo Morgan, George W. Morgan, Calvin H. Morgan, Sr., and Calvin H. Morgan, Jr.

Linda Hoffman Mignerey
Linda's line of descent is from: Dr. Bodo Otto's daughter Maria Elizabeth, Frederick Marcus Carman, Sr., George Carman, Sr., George Carman, Jr., John Lewis Carman, Harry Carman, Della Harriet Carman, Robert Edward Hoffman.



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